datmackgirl said: Is there a sequel to this fanfic. I enjoyed it so much.

Not really, one night forever kinda follows on, maybe I’ll do a sequel one day

fuckyeahlestwinsx said: I love you Belle, you make my life worth living.".... using Eva's crib and then the proposal. Larry and that damned gift, let me just breathe Lord haLp me these tears are real man *ugly sobbing* IM LITERALLY CRYING LIKE A LIK BITCH I knew her father was gonna go but JESUS I can't even deal right now my eyes are red and it's a waterfall on my bed sheets as I slowly Rock thinking about baurent and there baby, fuck I can't go on ll these feels.. They both finally found someone they belong to :')

Lol that’s a lot of feels man, I’m glad you enjoyed.


Starting Wednesday follow follow guys

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itsiesha said: The ending was everything. I'm glad all the visions and dreams they had came true. Baby beast is such a cute, funny, and thoughtful thing to put on that present. Now, Larry is the most. Fucked and fell in love.

Like I said it wasn’t just the sex that made him fall in love

stanningonthesun said: This fic was amazing! Loved the ending. You're such a great writer and I can not wait for onfff to start ^.^ Btw I literally just realized you wrote Shared Love and Call of the Wild, lmao I'm so in love with those, no wonder. Thanks for sharing your brilliance!

Thanks Hun, no one realises I write all these fic’s I’ve got 8 in total I think.

Wait….8 no maybe 9

No it’s 8 lol

Anonymous said: whats the new fanfic you're working on now? can you post the link?

I’m working on 4 other fic’s they’re all linked on the fanfiction page on this blog

travelmama12 said: Perfect ending! and Larry..." We fucked in the toilets" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thanks hun

lil-beast5 said: I love them two so much..... Larry though... what you mean you think you in love.. lol in the toilets though???

When the need takes you, you will get down where ever you can.

Anonymous said: Please have a part 2 of this

One nigh forever is the follow on, it’s Larry’s story but belle and Lau will be in if

cocoblissful-deactivated2014050 said: OMG!!! Larry has me dying lolll. We fucked in the toilets loll. He's such a freak. I'm so happy for Belle and Lau.

Well they did